Teacher Check Ins

How are they actually doing?


Maryah Carrasco, Copy Editor

As the 2021-2022 school year has started many have questioned, how are lobo students doing during this time? It has been tough during virtual learning last school year for all students. Now we are back in person and having to adapt to what was normal and as a student I know the struggles of trying to get back into the swing of things. But, has anyone ever took the time to check on La Joya’s teachers and staff?

Maryah Carrasco’s computer screen of when she had to do virtual learning. (Maryah Carrasco)

“As we got back into school even before that everyone was so worried about how we were doing as students and the focus was on us. But, at times I wondered how my teachers were doing because I thought about how hard the transition may have been for them also. Not being able to do what they love normally” stated Maryah Carrasco.

Many people tend to push aside how teachers are doing during tough times and focus on the students. But, now let’s take the time to get to know our teachers and they’re struggles. When La Joya went virtual students weren’t the only ones who had to adapt but so did our teachers. Teachers had to learn to function a class

An image of one of La Joya's newest addition to the Math team Mr. Dasal.
Mr. Dasal a Math teacher at La Joya. (Maryah Carrasco)

through a computer screen. Now, we are back in person, and it has been a while since teachers had to teach students in person in an actual classroom. I had the opportunity to interview a few teachers on campus and get to know how they are doing back in person. We have many new teachers to La Joya’s campus having to not only learn a new campus but may be experiencing what it’s like teaching students such as math teacher Mr. Dasal it’s his first year ever teaching at La Joya and just in general at a school and yet he is still doing his best trying to figure out what works for him.

When asked how are you doing Mr. Dasal said, “Uhh… I mean I’m a little tired but that’s to be expected as a first year kinda figuring out what works what doesn’t and uhh… what I think could be better for future years so I’m in my own learning while teaching”

Another one of La Joya’s additions to the teaching staff is Ms. Malmos one of our newest science teachers. She’s being teaching for 5 years and has recently transitioned into being a lobo. As a new teacher at La Joya she’s had to get used to a new environment as well as meet new students and teachers.

Ms. Malmos La Joya’s newest addition to our Science teachers. (Maryah Carrasco)

However, she is still so excited starting her new journey as a teacher at La Joya.

When asked how are you doing Ms. Malmos said, “I’m doing great… thank you for asking. I’m very very happy. I’m very happy… umm… I think it was probably 0ne of the best decisions I ever made coming here to teach at La Joya. 

I enjoyed being able to interview two of La Joya’s newest additions and hearing about how they are doing during this new school year. Both Ms. Malmos and Mr. Dasal are amazing additions to La Joya.

As the school year continues ask about how your teachers are doing. It’s been a tough couple of years not only for students but for teachers too. So take the time to get to know how your teacher is or even just show some kindness because you never know what a person is going through. Remember that any act of kindness can brighten someone’s day.