Jasmine Avechucho, Staff


AVONDALE- 4ocean is a charity that helps clean up our ocean that is currently cover of trash by purchasing a bracelet, you can remove one pound of trash in the ocean and coastline for only $20.

“I like how I can help save the world by just purchasing a bracelet for $20 and I also like how cute these bracelet are, you can wear it everyday,” said Kamila Hall.

The beads are made from post-consumer, including a small amount of the glass floating in the ocean and color cord is made from plastic that was removed from the ocean. 4ocean has been helping the ocean to be clean since January 4, 2017; nearly 3 years of helping the environment be more clean than before and bring back the wild wife that had been struggling or extinct previously.

“I am a big turtle fan I just love turtles, I literally have a whole collection full of metal straws because I want to turtles to be part of my environment and not be extinct. They are just so beautiful but their big shells and how they swim in the water just makes the ocean much more special,” said Yesenia Loza.


It all started when two surfers went to Indonesia and saw big piles of trash when they were walking down to the beach. About 8 million tons of plastic goes out to the ocean every year (10% of the worlds ocean trash comes from Indonesia). From the beginning to the end to of 2017, 4ocean has sold more than 30 million worth of recycled bracelets to fund their ongoing cleanup organization. The 4ocean employees have pulled over 1.1 million pounds of garbage from the water around Florida, Indonesia. and Haiti since the company launched.



Over the years of throwing trash in the ocean, humanity has become more disrespectful to our environment.

As a fellow student,I think that it affects us because even if we don’t  near an ocean we have to be more open about our surroundings behind the mountains we live and really try to spread the word and help the environment and sea life to become more clean,” said Maria Lopez.