The End of The School Year Are Seniors Ready For The Next Step

The End of The School Year Are Seniors Ready For The Next Step

Isaac Taylor, Staff

Avondale- There always comes the time when seniors have to leave the nest and go out in to the huge world, for 2021 seniors at La Joya Community High School that time has come. It has truly been a bumpy road throughout this year and finally it has come close to an end and some La Joya Seniors couldn’t be any more excited for it and others not so much but the real question is are seniors at La Joya ready for this huge step.

“I really just want Senior Year to end I’m so done with school” Said Senior Brayden Duperalt

Some seniors at La Joya couldn’t be happier for this end of the long road of 4 years to come to an end so they can move on to the next step. These seniors already have plans for what they want to do after high school whether that be college, the military, or jumping straight into a career like a mechanic and other fields like that.

“After high school I’m going in to the Marine Corps and I know what I’m going to be doing so I’m ready for senior year to end yea it might be a little frightening but you got to push through it” Said Senior Nyle Valdez 

  And while you have some seniors like that there are others that don’t really want senior year to end and really just don’t want to take that next step because they are scared and they don’t want to lose anyone they were friends with.

“In all honesty not having to go to school anymore seems pretty fun but I’m really not ready for this school year to end and be alone because I don’t even know what I want to do and all of my friends do and I’m going to get left behind.” Said Senior Alex Pinon

So while some seniors are all for this major step there are others that honestly just aren’t and that’s how it always is.