Song of the Day: “Two Years” by Have Mercy

‘Two years now and I’m alone again.’

A small indie band from Baltimore called Have Mercy create riveting emotions of misery, anger, and loneliness in their song, “Two Years” off of their 2014 album, “A Place Of Our Own”.

This song absolutely exudes those breakup vibes and that teenager angst that we all feel from time to time. The lyrics are simple, but powerful when sung by the raspy screaming vocals of the lead singer and backed up by the heavy electric guitar riffs.

This is the kind of song I love to play on a rainy day while sitting back and thinking about everyone I’ve ever loved. Is that a little bit over dramatic?

In an interview with MTV, Have Mercy lead singer Brian Swindle stated, “I wrote the lyrics on my phone the day that my relationship with my ex ended. I was hanging with a friend, and he had a riff he wanted to mess around with. Somehow the melody I had when I wrote the lyrics and the riff he had fit perfectly.”

The most striking line throughout the entire song for me personally is, “I had a life and I had friends, and I miss all of them.” There’s nothing more powerful, emotional, and isolating than missing all of your friends.

So if you’ve recently ended a relationship, or miss your friends, or simply want to enjoy some quality tunes, give this song a listen. You won’t regret it… (or maybe you will in two years.)


Stay cool,