True Life of a Thug: Nov. 12, 2015

The daily life of Dasey Berrueta


November 12, 2015

Today felt so weird. Yesterday we had no school due to Veterans Day so it literally felt like a Monday all over again. School was the usual, nothing exciting. Well I guess I’m always excited to go to my last class. It just feels like home and we are all one big, giant, happy family. After class was over, I went home to start my day outside of school. I had a couple of things in mind but no one in mind to go with. I thought about my mom but me and her together scares me sometimes, it’s like asking for trouble. Not in a way that we fight with each other but in a way that we just act like sisters. Sure enough I was right. Not even ten minutes into her driving we got pulled over. Funny story short, I forgot to close the trunk! I had thought she was going over speed limit or had expired license plates but he just told us about the trunk. Before he got out I took a picture of the police car behind us, laughed, and sent it to my dad in a message. I captioned it “come save me, she was going 20 over” just to see what he would say. He sent crying emojis and asked if I was wearing my seat belt. I’m pretty sure he knew it was a joke already because she never speeds. The officer got out and laughed after he heard the story on why I left the trunk open. He was nice even though he laughed at me and told me how dangerous it was. I know its dangerous, but it’s not like I’ll do it again, well I hope I don’t. The whole way my mom was laughing at me and telling the whole world. Little did she know, I was already sending that picture to my family and telling them lies on how she was speeding. Now it looked like she was lying and doing a cover up. What can I say, I’m too fast. She can’t stop me, nobody can.