How to stay organized


Daniela Medina, Staff

We are in a new school year. which means it’s time for us to get organized again. They’re are different ways to be organized. Starting with planning and time management. It is also important to stay organized throughout the school year.

Planning is the key to organization. If you plan your day out, you won’t forget to do something. Joseph Chavez is a junior at La Joya. He goes to school, work, and is in band.

“One way I stay organized is planning. Since I go to school,work,and band my schedule is pretty busy. I plan things according to the time I need to be somewhere.” said Joseph.

Technology is a big part of organization. Especially now. Technology is apart of our everyday lives. It helps because we always have our phones with us. Jonathan Madrigal Morales is a senior at La Joya who has all AP classes. One thing that helps him stay organized is technology.

“Technology such as a phone is really useful, or just a binder with dividers.” Said Jonathan.

Some ways students can stay organized is to do the assignment when it is given to you. You can’t procrastinate. Procrastination is you’re enemy. Procrastination will not help you stay organized. It will make you behind in classes. Gurleen Kaur is a junior at La Joya who has AP classes and is part of the varsity volleyball team.

“I manage my time by having a schedule ready for the day. I use my planner and write down every assignment that I need to do.” Said Gurleen.