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Friends eating at a table, outside.

Friendsgiving, What is it?

Ashley Morales, Staff November 12, 2021

Within recent years, people have begun to do something that is called “Friendsgiving”. The new but unofficial holiday consists of the gathering of friends to practically celebrate Thanksgiving...

Some of the many students at La Joya.

How Returning to in-Person School has Helped Students & Teachers

Ashley Morales, Staff September 26, 2021

Students and teachers when asked their opinion about online learning will mostly give you the same response. Online learning for many, was an experience that gave us all a lot to think about and it is...

Upcoming Events At La Joya

Upcoming Events at La Joya

Ashley Morales, Staff August 27, 2021

Throughout the school year, La Joya hosts multiple events that students are able to socialize within. Whether it be in the PAC or just outside in the student parking lot, the events bring students some...


Edwin Segura Rivera, staff May 19, 2021

Hey there today I will be breaking down the top 3 list for best the best movies for 2021 so lets get too it starting at number 3 spot we have space jam featuring LeBron  James teams up with the Looney...

The HOSA team is looking through the amendments to see if everyone agrees with it.

The first HOSA meeting of 2020-2021 school year!

Hosa meeting for the first time during quarantine!
Shane Waisner, Head Photography Editor September 30, 2020

The very first HOSA meeting for this year. The CTE club was holding elections during the hour spent with each other. While most of the club was together I was able to listen in and ask a few questions. HOSA...

Bryan and Angel after the victory over Shadow Ridge  (2019 season)

Covid-19 Vs Football

Football Players take on the Pandemic.
Shane Waisner , Photography Editor August 28, 2020

Avondale - La Joya football players were the region champions last year, absolutely crushing it all the way up to state. After feeling amazing from the great last year the Lobos were getting ready to go...

Keep It Up Fighting Lobos

Keep It Up Fighting Lobos

Alex Westphal, Staff September 9, 2019

AVONDALE- Senior year as an AP student can be a difficult year to find motivation, stress-free activities, and being able to balance time with a full schedule. However, we have many programs and support...

LGBT Awareness at La Joya: Yaire Aguilar

LGBT Awareness at La Joya: Yaire Aguilar

Alex Westphal, Staff August 20, 2019

AVONDALE- La Joya Community High School is a school of diversity. Everyone student is welcomed no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Yaire Aguilar is one of the officers for La Joya's...

Making Light On A Serious Situation

Making Light On A Serious Situation

Students Using Their First Amendment Rights
Elysia Casillas, Staff Member May 23, 2019

Students at La Joya witnessed protests that three unidentified students took, during the first lunch of Friday, May 17th. Their signs had  statements from, "What makes us human?" to "#ProLife #All Lives...

Age of Natural Beauty

Age of Natural Beauty

DeAsiah Ball , Editor February 6, 2019

In the most recent years' black women around the world have been growing out and showing off their natural hair. Women have been showing off the natural hair look since the early 2000s, but it didn’t...

Coach Sean nelson

Coach Sean nelson

Tyler Mitchell, Staff December 13, 2018

Coach Nelson is a great teacher and a great coach for wrestling. He lives off his own intensity. His intensity levels are through the roof, he wrestles so fast he could burn the rubber of the mat. He is...

The Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Joseph Shouse, Staff March 29, 2018

Going hard at L.A Fitness five times a week, eating nothing but healthy foods, and going for a jog at the crack of dawn places an image of a buff, muscular individual with a killer metabolism into the...

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