The first HOSA meeting of 2020-2021 school year!

Hosa meeting for the first time during quarantine!


The HOSA team is looking through the amendments to see if everyone agrees with it.

Shane Waisner, Head Photography Editor

The very first HOSA meeting for this year. The CTE club was holding elections during the hour spent with each other. While most of the club was together I was able to listen in and ask a few questions.

HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America. The club is very close and friendly.

Hazael S. said, “We are just a big family that grows together.”

After they had been joking around with each other for a few minutes they got straight to business. One of the sponsors for the club, Ms.Recio, Mentioned new amendments to their constitution and then elections immediately followed that.

The HOSA team is getting ready for officer elections.

During the election speeches, while there was a small break of silence during speaker change, the opportunity to ask the questions of what is HOSA was given. and the club sponsors gave very precise answers.

Ms. Perotti said, “HOSA is An international organization that empowers future health professionals to become leaders in the community through education, collaboration, and experience. Open to all students those interested in planning to pursue or are pursuing a career in the health care programs at La Joya. Students will participate in on-campus events, field trips, and competitions at the regional, state, and international level.”

Three HOSA students and Ms. Perotti speaking about elections.

Ms.Recio said,” HOSA stands for Health Occupations Students of America.  It is for students who are interested in the medical field and who have taken Medical Foundations, Sports Medicine, or Medical Assisting at La Joya.  We compete against other schools in various competitions in the medical field.  Typically we take field trips that will help get a better understanding of careers in the medical field.  We also do lots of community service.”

with two vastly different answers, both sponsors completely fulfilled the question. If you have taken Medical Foundations, Sports Medicine, or Medical Assisting make sure you show up Mondays at 12:20 to the HOSA meetings.