Friendsgiving, What is it?


“friends eating” by stefan.klocek is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Ashley Morales, Staff

Fancy dinner at the beach.
“Fancy Dinner” by Duncan Rawlinson – is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Within recent years, people have begun to do something that is called “Friendsgiving”. The new but unofficial holiday consists of the gathering of friends to practically celebrate Thanksgiving together. It is usually celebrated either before or after Thanksgiving itself. Friends typically bring their own dish for the rest to try but it is not mandatory.

To many people, Friendsgiving is very important to them and essential for their lives. It is about celebrating those around you who love and care fro you.

“Friendsgiving is more than important, it is special, take a break and look around you  and see who is truly next to you, I think it is

Fancy dinner in a slightly lit room
“Dinner @ The Village Pub” by Swami Stream is licensed under CC BY 2.0

important to be able to say thank you and what we think of the people that you consider your friends. That despite being different cultures and ages we can call each other friends above all things. I really like [a quote] that says: Finding a faithful friend, it’s like finding a treasure or like finding a safe haven. A faithful friend is priceless: their value is not measured in money. Celebrate with the best,” said Elizabeth Bernal.

There are multiple different ways as to how Friendsgiving is celebrated. Along with that who, it may be celebrated, and how many Friendsgivings are held or attended.

“I am celebrating Friendsgiving with my youth ministry. We do this every year, we usually just have good food, play games, or watch a movie!” said Alondra Licea.

“The atmosphere during this assembly was incredible and inspiring.” -Sam Green (Photography by Jim Jones)

Everyone has those friends who they care about so much that they now consider them their family. So, getting to be able to celebrate in that manner, is truly amazing.

“I think Friendsgiving is an awesome way for friends to get together and feel like a happy family” said Melanie Ayala. 

Friendsgiving could become a holiday that many more people now find important in celebrating. It’s fun, special and something that you should definitely try doing.