LGBT Awareness at La Joya: Yaire Aguilar

Alex Westphal, Staff

AVONDALE- La Joya Community High School is a school of diversity. Everyone student is welcomed no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Yaire Aguilar is one of the officers for La Joya’s own GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) Club. She educates the importance of LGBTQ+  representation in hoped of raising awareness for the community.  Aguilar believes everyone, even if not in the community, is welcome to be an alliance.

Yaire Aguilar

“Personally, for me it is something important to talk about because our history involves the LGBT community when all the riots were happening during the Marsha P. Johnson movement. Also, learning the causes of these movements and how different organizations became what they are now can help us and outside of the community understand that yes, this happened, but we’re moving on now as the years go by,” Ms. Aguilar said.

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History is big part of the LGBTQ+ community that not many people know about. However, it is so important to know the past in order to plan and prepare for the future. Yaire’s school GSA club is sponsored by Mr. Callaway, a sophomore English teacher here on our Lobo campus. The group discusses ways to encourage friendships and support for our LGBT youth. Organizations like GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Work), have worked with our campus GSA to provide safe and secure environments for our LGBT youth. Ms. Aguilar was asked how she feels La Joya’s GSA has contributed to LGBTQA+ representation and this is what she had to say.

Instagram: @lajoyapride

“I feel like our GSA is representing the LGBT community by providing a safe place for students where outside, on campus, they do not feel safe. Our sponsor’s room has been one of the safest places for all students in the community and is truly making a big difference to have a safe place on campus unlike other schools,” Ms. Aguilar said.

La Joya Community High School’s GSA club needs help rebuilding. The members are planning on selling merchandise, hosting events, and building relationships with each other as well as LGBT based companies. Yaire Aguilar wants everyone at La Joya, including teachers and staff, to know they are welcome and that the club would greatly appreciate new members and/or visitors.

“Our group is a very welcoming group and we love meeting new faces, our class is a safe place to come and be yourself,” Ms. Aguilar said.