How to read a cats body language

Learn signs of an happy and a happy cat.


Cats often like to be social and play so the more cats raised together the happier the cats will be.

Shane Waisner, Photo Editor

Cats and dogs are very similar and very different. the both communicate through their tails, eyes, ears, noses, and mouths.

A wagging dogs tail means the dog is happy while a cats tail that is wagging means the cat is annoyned.

A cat that has its tail straight up is happy while a dog who has its tail straight down means he is sad.

Cats that have flattened ears and low hanging tails are sca

any cat that can stare into the owners eyes loves the owner.

red and stressed out.

A cat that has big wide eyes and is showing you its paws is getting ready to hit you with its claws.

when comfortable cats will swing their tail while they lay down.

A cat that is backing up and showing his teeth whille hissing is very upset and should be backed away from.

Cats that dont want to be touched shouldnt be bothered, they have sharp claws and sharp teeth so be careful when handling cats.

Cats however can be very loving when they stare you down while blinking slowly is them telling you they love you.

Cats that also bunt against pets love the person that is trying to pet the cat.

Cats that show their stomach to certain people love those people and trust those people.