The Marines: Bootcamp

The Marine Corps Boot Camp


Isaac Taylor, Staff

Avondale- In life people go many different routes and one of those routes are the military. The military has 5 different branches and today we will be talking about their boot camps. Specifically the  Marine Corps boot camp. The Marin Corps is the toughest branch to become apart of and its because they have the toughest boot camp and the highest qualifications to join. The marines boot camp is a 13 week long training that is split up into three phases and today we will be diving into it.

“Boot camp is a 13 week long course in all honesty to train you on the core values and your physical fitness so you can claim the title of United States Marine” Said Staff Sergeant Brian Newsom

In boot camp there are 4 phases a recruit must go through to reach the end. In order first to last the phases are as follows. Phase one which is week 1-4 is civilian to recruit phase where you are taught the core values or the marine corps and go through physical training and learning courses to help you in the rest of boot camp and your time as a Marine if you make it through and when you start your and finish your swim training.

“Phase one is where the drill instructors are really in your faces on things and yell at you don’t get me wrong they do it throughout the whole 13 weeks but if you last through the first 4 you’ll eventually get used to it and it’ll come naturally” Said Private First Class Daniel Marquez

Phase two which is week 5-7 is when recruits take a break from there non stop training and help out around base and then it jumps in to grass and firing week. These are the two weeks when recruits go through the firing range and practice on their drills and firing at the range.

“In all honesty, the best parts about boot camp other then the eagle globe and anchor ceremony are firing and grass week because you get to go through drills use pugil sticks and you just have fun but its training”  Staff Sergeant Martin

Lastly is phase 3 which is week 8-13 and this is when recruits are transformed from recruits to full fledged marines and they get their eagle globe and anchors after completing the crucible, which is a 54 hour long course where recruits are put to they test to see what they have learned throughout boot camp and  after receive their E.G.A (Eagle Globe and Anchor).

“In all honesty the best part of boot camp for me was receiving my Eagle Globe and Anchor and then graduating because I knew I had worked hard for that and in those moments I knew that’s i had become apart of something more” Said Lance Corporal Bryce Hart 

So if you are thinking about going to the United States Marine Corps you will have a tough journey but just know with hard work comes a title and a brotherhood that no one can ever take away from you.