Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

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Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

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What are the Highest Paying Jobs for High School Students?

What are Some High Paying Jobs For Students?

Many High School students are in need of a job. But do they look beneath the surface of the interview? Minimum wage, here in Arizona, is $8.05 per hour. While Seattle, Washington’s minimum wage is $15 per hour, incredible. Most high school students want a job to either pay their expenses; i.e. new shoes, paying off their new phone, or just simply helping out the family. But most students, while applying, don’t even mind looking at how much they pay. Most just want some type of job to be dependent of themselves.

Sunset Garcia, a Junior here at La Joya Community high school and an employee of Bakery Sg Cakes, explains why she started working in the first place, “I wanted to start being independent, and getting in the habit of working. On the weekends I work 8 hours, but on the weekdays I work 4-5 hours.” Garcia said.

Most students, when applying for a job, don’t have a plan to start managing their time. “Time management is very important. Especially with school, that’s why I always do my homework first then I go to work.” Explains Daniela Aguilar, a Junior here at La Joya Community high school.

A tip that many high school students use, is to apply to as many jobs as you can, “The more you apply and present yourself in the interview, the greater chance it will be for you to get the job.” Garcia said.

When asked the question “If you got paid higher, will you have more work ethic?” “Yes, it shows you boss that your willing to manage anything; it also show that your trustworthy and responsible.” Aguilar said.

A job can benefit many people gratefully. Whether its just to represent that you had experience working somewhere on your college resume, or just for fun. So, these are some of the high paying jobs for high school students:

(Disclaimer: Have to be 16 or older to apply for a job)

Movie Theater User: Getting the legendary task of tearing tickets:$11.45 Per Hour

Food Delivery Driver: Deliver food to a designated destination: $12.00 Per Hour

Receptionist: Answer telephone calls, and deal with clients: $11.95 Per Hour

Cashier: The person who handles the cashier: $7.38-11.16 Per Hour

Babysitter: Taking car of kids from ages of 1-6:$13.44 Per hour

Hostess/Host: Get to receive/entertain guests: $7.28-11.80 Per Hour

Personal Assistant: Getting to work exclusively for one person: $14.87 Per Hour

So, next time you are applying for a job make sure if it will benefit you for the better.



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