Daniela Medina, Staff

Trunk or treat is an annual event here at La Joya. Trunk or treat is an event for the community. Little kids dress up and trick or treat in the parking lot. Clubs and sports teams hand out candy. Trunk or treat is Wednesday October 25.  From 4-6pm. Mrs. Saco is the teacher for STUGO and they’re in charge of making these things happen.

“The purpose of trunk or treat is to provide the community to have a safe environment for their children, for their students to be able to come out and get candy, celebrate the traditions of Halloween.” Said Mrs. Saco.

Some of the sports teams that are participating are volleyball, spirit line, and a lot of other clubs and sports. There is activities for everyone. The kids walk around the parking lot to see the different decorated trunks and get candy (peanut free). It is a community event so everyone is invited. It’s also a good excuse to get out of the house with family.

Junior Keila Tramble, is on the varsity volleyball team says, “This years theme is wildlife.”

Trunk or treat is a great way to get closer to people. It’s a bonding experience. There is a lot of activities to do. Theater is making their annual haunted house. There’s gonna be a lot of other fun stuff like that.

Senior Ben Uliasz , who attended trunk or treat last year said, “It was a fun experience. It let the kids have fun.”

Don’t forget trunk or treat is Wednesday, October 25. From 4-6 PM.