Fashion-Sense at La Joya…look it up!


Victor Robles, Journalism

As a LengenDAIRY once stated, “It’s just Fashion, darling!” (Reference so a Drag Queen named Milk) It is a lifestyle and it’s a statement for most.

It is what makes us unique and it is the high-glamour touch to our personalities! Fashion styles at La Joya differ from one another, you’ll see some of the trendy stuff worn, some new things here and there, and unique styles at their rarest!

Marissa & Jose Photographer: Victor Robles

La Joya is such a cultured based school. Spectrums run through pop culture references, or vintage style clothing! A lot of what is shown has a lot to do with how comfortable those are in their attire. But for most, it’s something else. Fashion for some is a liberating experience to wear whatever you want! It’s a statement to prove what one looks like in their heads and how they approach it with creativity.

Jose Solis Photographer: Victor Robles

La Joya Junior Students, Jose Solis & Marissa Nicole, were interviewed upon their critique and opinions based on fashion and it’s impact on communities. They are very skilled people when it comes to attire.

I like to picture myself when I’m getting ready every morning, like, I’m an 80-year-old woman named Blanche, and like, I try to roll with that-i try to wear old lady clothes, which is kind of a mean thing to say but honestly i really like that aesthetic.

said Solis.

Coming off of that, Solis insinuation is to poke at the fact that we all have different “aesthetics” and that’s okay because we see ourselves one way and try to convey that through fashion or clothing. And maybe it’s not that deep for most but for the ones who adore this lifestyle, it’s such a radical attitude for the students.

Marissa Nicole Photographer: Victor Robles

I take part in different types of time periods, kind of from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s to 90’s and even now! I like to pick at it and find what I like. I just like patterns and colors used in those periods.

said Nicole.

Nicole is very outspoken about how she pursues her type of attire, in which she states how she loves to get inspiration from time periods.

Within our community, it’s very looked upon who dresses good and on who doesn’t. But we’re not looking at that, we’re looking at all the unique styles that there are, and how it impacts the world of fashion.