“Misplacing” Unwanted Groceries and Its Affect


Credit: karina perez

Karina Perez , Staff

AVONDALE- You may walk into your neighborhood grocery store with a full list of groceries, knowing what you want is key to a full fridge and delicious meal, but what happens when you have second thoughts on that box of fruity pebbles?

Credit: Karina Perez

Chances are you may either place it in its right spot or into a random aisle where it doesn’t belong, this is a classic case of “I forgot where it goes-its.” Customers who have noticed this rising epidemic are typically the offenders or the crime watchers, this brings a new level of ultimate grocery shopping. The growing issue is one discussed by the mass public, either for its negative connotation, or relatable action, along with those who capture the crime on film. The idea of putting a product in its wrong spot may be amusing or may be considered rude to customers, and store employees. Many might not find offense to finding a cereal box in the chip aisle but it’s a different story with frozen goods.

Credit: Karina Perez

“Usually what I do is, if it’s a produce item or something that’s refrigerated, I think it’s awful to just leave it anywhere you have to put it back where you found it because it needs to stay refrigerated if it’s other items like boxed items like dry goods, or a canned good, I usually give it to the cashier when I get there if I change my mind,” said Sandra Saco.

Credit: Karina Perez

Placing a grocery item in the wrong section may seem like the quickest solution, but it only makes an impact others, it can influence one to buy the left product or even make it harder for employees who are left to pick up unwanted items.

“Retail associates barley have time to do the basics for the business, yet have to recover the store daily and stay late at night to pick up after these customers,” said Jeff Milam.

Although customers place items in the wrong spot, many are quick to say that they’ve done the same, and they are fully aware that sometimes it’s not the easiest, to place an item in the right spot, but it would be nice for a change to do so.

 “If you had enough time to go and get it you should be able to go back and place it where it belongs,” said Dayane Martin .