Ways to stay safe at school.

Keep everyone around you safe while at school.

Mario Leyva, Staff

Many people are wondering how it will be safe in schools as we return back on campus.  Masks, hand sanitizer, washing hands before eating, six feet apart, and don’t share food. All of these topics have to be implemented to our school to keep everyone safe as much as possible. Having these objects and the rules to support them will lead to a  successful return to school.

The CDC said, “Teachers and staff can teach and encourage preventive behaviors at school. Likewise, it will be important for families to emphasize and model healthy behaviors at home and to talk to your children about changes to expect this school year. Even if your child will attend school in-person, it is important to prepare for the possibility of virtual learning if school closes or if your child becomes exposed to COVID-19 and needs to stay home.”

This means it is possible to go to school, but people need to be flexible between online and in-person school to be able to keep people safe at school this year. This will help slow the spread of the Coronavirus to other students, teachers, and staff at campus.

The CDC also said, “You may want to talk to school staff to learn more about what they are doing to support connection among students, interactive learning with feedback, building resilience, and social-emotional wellbeing for students who will not be onsite. In addition, if your child receives speech, occupational, or physical therapy or other related services from the school, ask your school how these services will continue during virtual at-home learning. Likewise, if your child receives mental health or behavioral services (e.g., social skills training, counseling), ask your school how these services will continue during virtual at-home learning.”

It is necessary to contact your school for any needs you may have, while at home and during online learning. This can provide a stress relief or help them with their classes they are struggling in. Staying at home should be mandatory if there are any symptoms of the Coronavirus. This would save lives and could help stop the spread at school.

CDC said, “ It is also critically important to develop strategies that can be revised and adapted depending on the level of viral transmission in the school and throughout the community and done with close communication with state and/or local public health authorities and recognizing the differences between school districts, including urban, suburban, and rural districts.”  

The CDC are telling school districts if they are going to open to have a plan that can be made to change according to how the virus is spreading. This plan will be able to help get the students who did get it, out of the school. Then they would have to sanitize the entire area to be sure there will be a reduced spreading of COVID-19. These steps will help keep any school safe and keep anybody there safe.