Why do games die so fast?

Games are dying fast and heres why!


Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world.

Shane Waisner, Editor

Why do games die so fast? Why do these games grow such hype and then become such disappointments? Here is My Opinion.

ps4 players
Playstation by Sony is one of the largest consoles in the world

The OverHype kills games. Anytime I feel like a game is getting completely overhyped I feel like it is set up to fail. People raising their own hopes over a game and a company they have barely seen. Do not give yourself false hope especially when getting excited about a game.

The game doesn’t get enough hype to get enough support to have a huge launch. As much as hype can kill a game not enough hype can also destroy a good launch for a game. Companies can avoid this by proper advertisement and receiving sponsors.

The games decide to make changes that ruin the game for a lot of people, making the game no longer fun but feel more like a chore. Companies make development changes and sometimes it just breaks the game and the developers leave it. Companies could avoid a loss of player base by listening to them and fixing serious problems in the game.

ps4 players part 2
PlayStation is in direct competition with Xbox and Nintendo.

If any of the “Gaming lingo” didn’t make sense here are some definitions: Hype-popularity of a company or game, OverHype- too much popularity for the company or game raising the player bases’ standards, PlayerBase- The number of people playing the game and that have supported the game,