How to treat yourself during the valentines season

Valentines Day for yourself!!!!


remember it’s just another day.

Shane Waisner, Staff

Valentines day, when single, can be one of the most annoying times. Here are some ways to treat yourself during a day of love.

Valentines is the 14th of february.

Treating yourself can happen in the simplest of ways. If you have a diet allow a cheat meal or take extra time fo yourself. Learn to do something new or go back and listen to old music.

people can also buy fancy dinners, expensive presents, or even pay for trips. If the wallet isnt as sturdy maybe go thrifting, buy yourself a snack,get yourself a video game.

Try to remember personal goals to see if they need to be developed or changed. developing goals encourages growth in your mind.

eating breakfast is important!
A good breakfast everyday should start making your days easier.

Try doing something new in the daily routine, change hair colors or take baths instead of showers. Instead of staying with the same sleep schedule try going to bed early or waking up early.

wake up early
waking up early will be difficult can lead to benefits in health and mentality.

Learning to grow is one of the best things people can do because when someone learn to let go of toxic things in life, its easier to keep the good and get rid of the bad.

At the end of the day remember its just another day and it will be all right. enjoy the break lobos.