School is Our Society

School is Our Society

Dshaun A. Pitre, Staff

Feeling welcome is priority. Feeling apart of one is objective. But feeling as if school is another home is GOAL. When you feel as if even though you don’t know everybody, everybody is your friends, where all family. Life at school is that much more of a breeze.

“Just like family for football, you meet a guy not knowing a thing about them, by game 7 you’d kill for em’.” Zach Basalt says, ” It wouldn’t be a team sport if we didn’t care about our brothers,.”

Life here is smooth like a babies behind. Johns sophomore of LH adds” When it feels good out sides you wanna go out there even if you have nothing to do, you’ll find something. Just because the weathers phenomenal. Not everybody worlds revolve around friends, but knowing if you needed them they would be there no matter is an up side down infamous  feeling. ”

“Life is Diffcult.” Zachs last words was. Meaning you never know what somebody is dealing with. just a good-morning could change somebody’s day, and give them something o look forward to. Something more to strive.

Pushing for smooth, vibes, smooth laughs, smooth flows. Its to a smooth circle because school is more than school. Your views adjust every blink, at the place tat can make or break your steps after this place. play roll bigger than you would expect.

Here at LJ we breath positive in hopes the smiles are contagious. so if you see somebody needs a friend, be one.

 Photographer: D’shaun Pitre