Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

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Move Over Bill Nye, Here Comes Mr. Nowbath

Tiffany Rosario Acosta
Mr. Nowbath smiling for a picture in his class

If you ever thought of taking geology or AP biology, most likely you will have Mr. Nowbath as your teacher. Known for cracking jokes, Mr. Nowbath has just won the Teacher of the Year award, and we are all very excited for his achievements.

“Its kind of been a whirlwind. I’m not usually one for awards and getting lots of recognition. I think that its important that teachers get recognized for the work that they do; its nice, I think next year I want to make sure to nominate other teachers. I just want to make sure the award gets passed on to other teachers as well” said Mr. Nowbath.

Mr. Nowbath has been teaching for six years here at La Joya. Mr. Nowbath states he decided to stay in the community and help the community. Working at La Joya was kind of a transition for him, going from working at middle school [Estrella Vista Elementary] to the high school level.

“I think the most exciting thing is just seeing that students are learning and understanding and just really gaining knowledge about science and becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers and you know, ultimately I think that’s gonna benefit society and that’s what kind of drives me to continue teaching” said Mr. Nowbath.

If you ask his students to describe Mr. Nowbath, they would say he is funny, very intelligent, different, outgoing, caring, and passionate. Mr. Nowbath is always aware of his students and challenges them to do their best.

“I’ve had him as a teacher for all three years in high school, because I have him in advisory and I’ve had him for two science classes, and overall as a teacher he has helped me a lot in my studies and being able to help me further my progress. He helped me a lot in my career because I want to be a neurologist and he gave me really good advice on how to pursue that career, and he is also very helpful and intensive when we need help” said Juan Perez, a Junior here at La Joya and also a fellow student of Mr. Nowbath.

“As a teacher, I’m very data driven. I want to make sure that my students learn. I just want to kinda make sure that whatever I’m doing in class, helps the students to understand and they are reflective of what they’ve learned, to make sure that I keep pushing them. As a person, I’m very reflective as well. I just want to make sure whatever I’m doing its the best to my ability. I don’t like doing things at fifty percent effort or eighty percent effort. I believe in putting 100% into everything you do” said Mr. Nowbath.

“My favorite thing is how he always challenges me to become a better student and how he always says that there is always room for improvement. Mr. Nowbath changed my life because he helped me figure out what I actually want to do in my future and help me put onto the right path” said Victoria Johnson, who is a senior at La Joya and also a fellow student of Mr. Nowbath.

Some of Mr. Nowbath’s goals are to finish his Doctorate , continue with his research, keep growing as a teacher, and to make sure that all of his students understand and learn.

“I want to continue teaching; I like educating the youngsters of today in science” said Mr. Nowbath.

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