Review on batman Arkham knight

A great Long storied game


Edwin Segura Rivera, Staff

Today I will be giving my honest nonbiased review on the game Batman Arkham knight even though I love batman always has been my favorite superhero but we’re not here to talk about what I like but more on the game review so let’s get started. First things first if you like games that give you a long story go to batman Arkham asylum not that this game Arkham knight is not long but it feels like they could have done more to make it longer I liked the characters in the game but it felt like there should have gone more in-depth into them even though they gave you this feature to unlock more characters you have to pay 10 dollars which is not bad for giving you 4 different characters Jervis Tetch, Killer Crock, Mr. Freeze, Ras al Ghul and the thing I like about this also is that it gives you different clothing’s styles for batman like this and many more but in overall I give this game 9/10 and is you should definitely check it out.