Valeria Orozco, Author

Want to try something new? Something different and out of your comfort zone? Try joining clubs at la Joya so many to decide from, being involved in one of these clubs will open you up to new opportunities and just help getting you involved. At la Joya we have numerous clubs to choose from. There is always room for someone new

Do you believe in equal rights? like talking about social justice? or like being apart of something so united and understanding? Feminist club is the way to go, feminist club isn’t just for females, everyone is greatly encourage to join! Ms. Gorgan, the head of the feminist club states that ” Lot of students care¬†about racism, sexism and mental health but just don’t know how to express it in the class room” The feminist club talks about all of these problems.

A student in Feminist club named Christopher Williams stated that ” Feminist club helped me realize what my passion is and that to be a drag queen” He also says that ever since joining feminist club it helped opening him up and it awakened him. ” Join! definitely join!” Feminist club isn’t just for females it is for everyone.

Are you interested in gaming? Like to play in groups? Are you competitive? If so then try gamesguilde! Mr Fingerson the head person of the club claims that ¬†” everyone has a different liking but we all have the same passion” Everyone that joins Gamesguild is able to express their passion for gaming without being judge, this is a place where everyone is welcomed and able to bond with others.

“Playing a game that contains everyone” stated FingerSon. In gamerguild you will never feel uninolved because everyone plays together as a pack.

Those were a few clubs here in la joya! if you like these clubs definitely join. be apart of the pack and join!