Who Is Alexis Garcia?

Tiffany Acosta

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Who Is Alexis Garcia?

Tiffany Acosta, Author

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Everyone has a friend who is totally involved with either school activity’s, clubs, or sports. If not, then Alexis Garcia who is a Senior here at La Joya, is just the perfect fit.

Alexis is not only in cheer, but also is in dance and softball. She shows her school spirit when it comes to football games and assemblies.

“I decided to do dance because I always wanted to do it since I was younger. Cheer just because I wanted to do it, again, and then when my Senior year came I decide it was the last year, so why not try. Softball is something I always used to get through hard times, I kept doing it when I got to high school.” Alexis said.

Dalila Valerio, who is also a senior here at La Joya, said “Alexis is a very happy person, she is loud, outgoing, and kind; I like having Alexis around she is a good friend.”

“Some of my goals this year, cheer, I hope to take some competitions, that we were planning of going to. Softball I hope to at least get to state, and in dance I just hope to have a fun year.” Alexis said.

Alexis also stated that she wants to pursue something in the military, like the air force or the army, and hopefully study abroad, and get involved in Law. When asked about high school she said “I’m just making the best of it and enjoying it while I can.”

Janelle Sadsad, who is also a senior here at La Joya, said “Alexis is very determined and is really funny, and she has a good vibe, and she gives good advice.”

“My tips are to stay true to who you are, because in the end that’s what makes you the person who you are, and to keep morality and integrity.” Janelle said.



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