Stand for Small Businesses

Getting to Know Small Businesses Around You!

Daisy Aguirre Castillo, Staff

During the pandemic, students began to learn new skills and gain interests. An interest could be, doing nails or making food that created themselves a business. Whether it was selling to family members or anyone they knew. It creates support into something you appreciate doing.

Nails By Eva

Eva DelFin,21′, gained an interest in doing acrylic nails at a young age due to her mother buying nail kits from Sally’s Beauty Supply, and doing her and her sister’s nails. With that, she became more interested at this age, through Instagram, when nail artists in other places would post tutorials or designs that they would do. Being new, acquiring skills little by little she has done many nail designs for different clients. She enjoys doing unique designs, although they all do take up time. This small business does give her some struggles like not having a permanent location.  Ms. Delfin’s advice for any new coming interested artists for this type of business is,

“Do it, it’s so much fun… you just have to have patience, although it is a lot of money, it’s fun… you just have to practice a lot,” said Eva DelFin

Tortillas Ray

Raymundo Sandoval,21′, is intrigued by how his cousins from Mexico who had begun a tortilla business of their own, and they would sell a lot. He started off with the basics, of creating an Instagram profile to help spread the word, giving free samples, and making the flour tortillas. Something he liked about making the tortillas was that it was his own small business, he had no one bossing him around, hopefully, this business he created can get more customers

Tortillas being heated, causing them to greatly bubble
Tortillas Ray

and grow. Although making the business is a huge responsibility, he also needs to make the right the size, the time, and the amount he needed. Being an individual every one carries their own struggles, he sometimes lacks the amount of work that needed to be done. But still manages to get his work done every week.  To a person coming up into a food business:

“To not slack, to go with it all the way… to not give up,” said Raymundo Sandoval

Having a small business at a young age gives a person much responsibility while taking care of their own needs. You will need to focus on orders and on reviews. Ways to get more customers which leads to promoting yourself.  However, being an adolescent means you have more things to take care of. Starting with your education, being handed homework and lessons to understand. Youth must continue their education for this reason that being more knowledgeable can give more skills to be in the business field.

“My days always feel rushed knowing I want to do school and my tortillas,” said Raymundo Sandoval

Starting young with a small business is not a bad choice! It gives you more reasons to look forward to build with yourself. It lets a person become more communicative and negotiable. It teaches you about problem solving, being manageable, which means you get better at working with others involving customer service.