Covid VS The World

Covid affecting teens


Cristina Torres Pineda

A young girl wanting to leave her house but can’t cause of Covid

Cristina Torres Pineda , staff

Could corona be taking over teens lives around the world? that’s a question everyone wants an answer for. Let’s start off with that the Covid-19 has affected a lot of people around the world but what I’ve seen it has affected teens more and it’s getting out of hand it mainly affected their mental health making them develop anxiety and depression only to some teens.

But not only was there mental health but their hobbies were affected they as well couldn’t do anything because around that year Covid was getting worse every day so they had to stay inside until the rates were going down. During the whole year the teens were in quarantine we all wonder if they gained new hobbies or what kept them entertained well here are some answers to your questions.

“What kept me entertained during quarantine was that I spent my time on my phone talking to my friends and playing video games. and spent it watching movies with my family,” said Breanna a student from La Joya Community high school

“Covid did in fact affect some of my hobbies such as softball/any spring sports,” said Breanna a student from La Joya Community high school

Corona has affected teens mostly with their mental health because they had one full year of school online because the rates for the virus kept going up and the pressure for doing work online is harder and stressful. also not being able to go outside but only to stay inside your house caused stress for many teens.


“Yes, the stress and pressure to remain indoors caused many problems within my mental health because I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of things like going out,” said Raul a student from La Joya Community high school.

Some teens say that Covid ruined their life because they were stuck inside the house not being able to leave and only for them to interact with their family and friends, they would face time since they couldn’t meet because Covid was rising every day.

I wonder if we were to go back into time what would teens tell themselves or let their future self-know. because if I had a chance to go back into time, I would tell myself to not give in and to keep fighting and help those that need help.

“I would tell myself to relax I’ve already been through this and I’II be fine, just push through, ask for help, and help others when needed” said Raul a student from La Joya Community high school.

Since kids and teens didn’t go to school for almost about two years they decided to give free lunch for a whole year because Covid affected a lot even the parents from working.

The death rates are rising because of Covid there’s been more deaths which is sad because some must have lost a love one, friends, and family members. So we should try to do anything we can to stop the virus which is wear a mask, wash your hands and get vaccinated.