“Breathe. Blink. Cry.” [TWD Season Premiere Recap: SPOILER ALERT]

Lucero Ramirez, Managing Editor

Negan and his bat Lucille.
Negan and his bat Lucille.

Meet Negan, a man who carries around a bat covered in barbed wire named Lucille. He also killed off two of the beloved characters on the show The Walking Dead this past Sunday. If you are a fan of the comics The Walking Dead, you saw this episode coming in the series.

Whether you have read the comics or not, there is no doubt the name Negan has popped up at some point before he was introduced into the show. Within the comics, he was known for being absolutely brutal by smashing in people’s heads with his bat Lucille, his first victim being a very loved character named Glenn.

After the cliffhanger on the last episode in season 6, there had been many rumors as to who was going to be killed first by Negan. Would the writers follow the comics or would they do their own thing as they have been known to do at times? With a scene such as this one, many would want to be as it should, which it did in some ways.

The show starts off with both characters already dead. No one knows who they are until it is later revealed through Rick Grimes’ memory throughout the show. Negan, not sensing any loyalty, takes Rick on a little trip. While on this trip, Negan forces Rick out into the open, where there are too many walkers to count, to fetch him his ax which he threw outside on purpose. As Rick is surrounded the viewer can see all of Rick’s memories flooding through, making them anxious as to who could have died. At this point it is only thought that one would die, but little did anyone know that it would be two.

Rick’s memories flood in, the lineup shows up on screen again and everyone is back to the scene of the lineup, which is exactly when Negan┬ábegins his process of choosing. After a game of “Eeenie Meenie Miney Mo”, Lucille, which is being used to point to choose the victim, then lands on Abraham Ford.

“You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that”, Negan says right before he beats Abraham to mush, literally.

Everyone at this point would think that the death of Abraham was it, that is until Daryl Dixon gets out of line and punches Negan in the face for what he has done. After another little lecture, Negan turns around and hits the person behind him on the head. The second victim is none other than Glenn Rhee.

Glenn’s wife, Maggie, who is pregnant watches from the sideline just like everyone else. Right before Glenn becomes lifeless, he looks over at her and says his last words, “Maggie, I will find you.”

After such an intense episode, fans can only expect more as the season continues on.