¿Hablas Español?

Tiffany Acosta

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¿Hablas Español?

Tiffany Acosta, Author

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Every high school student is required to take a world language class. If you choose Spanish here at La Joya High School then you’ll be lucky if you get Mrs. Locker or how her students know her, Sra. Locker.

“Mrs.Locker is very friendly. She is honestly like a very nice person and kind and good character, good humor, and can really relate with a lot of the students. ” Said Chandler McDermott, a junior at La Joya, and student of Mrs. Lockers.

“What I love most about my job, its just that I guess everything. First of all you get to serve. You get to serve not only as an educator but also as a caring citizen so you find ways of serving others because it has an impact on your learners. If a student is not having a good day, if a student is going through a rough patch and you just, as a teacher, you ignore that part and its like ‘oh well’, you won’t get 100% of that student. On the other hand perhaps that drop of compassion, goes a long way. And many times it might work even as a way as modeling students behavior.” Said Mrs.Locker.

Her students would describe Mrs.Locker as kind, nice, humble, charismatic, and just a great teacher overall. Mrs.Locker’s goal is to let no student, teacher, or colleague around her goes unseen. Mrs. Locker states she would rather seem as a nosy person then someone who doesn’t care.

“Mrs.Locker is a very nice person and you can always ask her for advice. She makes everything specifically and its easy to do the work, so she makes it easy to learn.” Said Cesar Jaime Padilla, a Junior at La Joya, and student of Mrs. Lockers.

When asked “where does she see herself in ten years” she replied with “What I know is I’m not going to be the same person that I am now.” She states that by then she will have more vocabulary, more experiences, be able to meet new people and visit new places. “I am a person that is constantly in constant changes, modifications.” Said Mrs.Locker.

“Mrs.Locker has taught me so many things that has brushed up on my knowledge of Spanish. I am very grateful that she is teaching me because my previous Spanish teachers did not do as good of a job as Mrs. Locker or Sra. Locker is doing for me thus far.” Said Chandler McDermott.

“The only possible way any person can improve is by learning. They need to be exposed to new content, new material, new ways of doing things, to actually communicate with other people, other colleagues so that you can get ideas. If you don’t have that interaction with the rest of your colleagues with more content, more books, more articles, then you are going to remain stagnant because you don’t know what else is out there. You don’t know new approaches, what are the new standards, benchmarks, what ever is new out there. So yes by learning; by constantly learning and seek learning. Even though things could be working out right now, that’s no excuse of saying ‘Lets just leave it like that, lets not mess with something that is perfect'”said Mrs.Locker.

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