Freshman Recognition

Kealohalani Kauhako-Viernes, Staff

As a pack everyone deserves recognition for the things they contribute. As a freshman Melanie Ruvalcaba has a lot to offer as a student-athlete. Melanie has given us a peek of what it feels like to be a student-athlete.

Shot by: Kealohalani

Melanie Ruvacaba plays on the girl’s basketball team on the freshman level. She is #24 on the court she has a position as a point guard which is a very important positions on and off the court. As a point guard the girls or her teammates look up to her to call a play to run whether it works or not. If that play doesn’t work out it makes the team want to work harder to score the next time.

“The most memorable thing is when they took you to a separate room with three coaches and they told me ”See you at 2:15.”  says Melanie

A point guard should want to do better on and off the court because, on the court they need to be ready and confident in what they tell their team to run. They should want to do better off the court as well  as on the court because they should want to improve every second of the day, just as the rest of the team.

“The moment I would want to relive is our first win the reason I say our first win is because I looked in the eyes of some of the girls and I saw how happy they were and I saw hope the we can win more.” said Melanie

Shot by: Kealohalani

But a question of will she continue playing basketball throughout high school? still lingers, as people say time will tell.

“That one just depends on how I’m feeling about basketball next year I hope I will play basketball because I have been playing for awhile. But at the same time I’m a freshman I barely got homework so it also depends if I’m going to have time on the side to do basketball with still being able to have good grades.” said Melanie