Exploring the World with Mr. Taylor

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Exploring the World with Mr. Taylor

Tiffany Acosta, Staff

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Blue pill…Red pill. The Assassination of JFK. The government is uses chemtrails in order to mess with peoples emotions, are all famous quotes from the one and the only Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor has been working at La Joya for four years now as a history teacher, and he also coaches the boys basketball team. His Students would describe him as wise, intelligent, funny, knowledgeable, caring, and awesome. He went to San Francisco University, then he went to the University of Kansas to work on his Doctorate.

“It was junior year I had him- He was always there to help, even if its not his class, or if I didn’t feel good or anything, he was always trying to help me and make me stay on top of things ” said Idalyce Zamorano, a senior at La Joya Community High School.

Mr. Taylor didn’t always have teaching in mind. In fact he wanted to be coach. He was a political science major because he wanted to be a politician, but he liked basketball better. Through coaching is how he became a teacher. Mr. Taylor loves teaching at La Joya. He says that he loves his students because they keep him young even though they tried him out.

“I feel like Mr. Taylor is more personal with his students. He likes to get to know the students so he can connect with them on a personal level” said Raymond Rendon, a senior at La Joya Community High School.

“I wanna work for as long as I can. I’m having fun” said Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Taylor used to work at the University of Kansas, and recently went to the 120th reunion for the University Kansas basketball.  A fun fact, that many people don’t know about him is that he is three generations removed from the inventor of the game.

Mr. Taylor  believes that even know, we should take knowledge of JFK’s history. He actually has the original tape of JFK’s assassination.

“We all inhabit this small planet. We all breath the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures and we are all mortal. And yes, it is true I was very, very good friends with Marilyn Monroe” said Mr. Taylor, quoting JFK.

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